The 2020 Product Discoveries I’m Bringing with me into 2021

There are so many things we want to leave behind in 2020, but here are some of my favorite brands and products I discovered in 2020 that I definitely want to bring with me into 2021. Each one is of course vegan and cruelty-free!

Hylo Sustainable Sneakers

These lightweight sneakers are eco-friendly, vegan, functional and made from the most natural materials. They are cute enough to be worn with any sneakers outfit but also crafted to be worn by even the most elite athletes. Here’s what Hylos are made from: corn fibre , organic cotton , castor bean oil , algae bloom , corn starch , natural rubber , water-based glue . I loved mine so much I also bought them for my whole family. Shop Hylo.

Sourse Vegan Collagen & B12 Bites

What better way to take your supplements than in clean, dark chocolate candies?! Sourse makes vegan collagen and vegan B12 supplements. They are 100% vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, allergen free and low sugar. They’re the perfect way to get your daily collagen and/or B12 and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. They taste like a clean version of an m&m and get their color naturally from spirulina, fruit juice and veggie juice. And it was so great to see that sooo many of you bought them this year too! You can use discount code TEDI to get $10 off your orders on the Sourse site. Shop Sourse.

Londontown Nail Polish

I was introduced to this vegan and cruelty-free clean polish brand at the beginning of the year and I love it! It’s long lasting and they have a huge selection of colors. And what really makes Londontown stand out is that they also make vegan and cruelty-free gel polishes. The vast majority of gel polish brands do test on animals, so I was so happy to finally discover a gel polish that doesn’t. Their gel polishes are a great option to take with you to the nail salon, instead of using the big name brands typically found in salons that do test on animals. Shop Londontown.

Noize Loungewear

You guys know I have loved Noize’s vegan winter jackets and coats for years, and this year they launched their first loungewear collection. They are warm, comfortable and cozy. The loungewear is made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles, keeping the bottles out of our landfills and oceans. I absolutely live in their sweats! Everything on the Noize site is 20% off with discount code TEDIFW20. Shop Noize.

Together Beauty Dry Shampoo

Together Beauty is the haircare line that was born out of the salon I go to in New York City, the Sam Brocato Salon. All their products are great, and this year they launched their Life in the Fast Lane Dry Shampoo. Not only does this all natural dry shampoo work so well and smell great, it also features Green Zerosol technology which means it’s non ozone depleting (unlike most aerosol products are). Shop Together Beauty Dry Shampoo.

Trestique Makeup

Introduced to this brand in the summer, it’s absolutely changed my daily makeup routine and made it so much faster. Trestique has all the good things I look for in beauty products: it’s clean, vegan, cruelty-free and has great colors. But what sets them apart is that every product comes in crayon form and is made to be super functional with a built-in tool…the eyeshadow crayon has a brush on the bottom, the lip crayon has a balm on the bottom for extra shine, the highlighter has a blending tool built into it, just to name a few of their genius features.  Shop Trestique.

Jane Iredale Skin Accumax

My skin was acting up like crazy during 2020, as soon as we started wearing masks. I hadn’t had skin issues since I was a teenager and all of a sudden I was breaking out a lot. I saw an aesthetician who recommended these supplements to me. As she explained it to me, Skin Accumax is the all natural equivalent of Accutane (a strong medication often taken for acne). It was tremendously helpful. My skin is so, so, so much better! If you’re struggling with your skin right now and already eating a clean, dairy-free diet (dairy is the number one cause of skin issues), I highly recommend trying these supplements out. Shop Jane Iredale Skin Accumax.

Summary Deodorant

Always trying out the newest vegan and cruelty-free aluminum free deodorants, I tried this one a few months back and love it. Goes on light, is made of a superflower formula that combats odor-causing bacteria and smells so nice (but subtle). It is made of butterfly pea flower, witch hazel, bamboo powder, white willow bark extract and 100% natural fragrance notes of lemon, ginger and bergamot. Shop Summary.

Thrive Mascara

My sister introduced me to Thrive’s Liquid Lash Extension Mascara and it is the most insane mascara I’ve ever used. It makes your lashes look so long. Nothing I’ve ever used compares to it! I’m also a fan of their lip liners and brightening eye shadow crayons. Shop Thrive Cosmetics.

Maya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies is a black woman owned business I was introduced to in the spring. They are a 100% vegan gourmet cookie bakery based out of California that offers nationwide shipping!! I’ve ordered from them multiple times. Every flavor is so good. And personally I think their famous everything cookies and caramel pecan cookies are not to be missed! Maya’s cookies are a great treat for yourself or make a great gift. It’s one of my favorite gifts to give. Shop Maya’s Cookies.

RADIUS Organic Toothpaste for Dogs

Oral care is so important for humans and dogs alike. But most dog toothpastes have harmful synthetic ingredients and unnecessary animal products in them, like beef flavoring. So finding one I felt good about giving Pani took me years until I finally stumbled across eco-friendly oral care brand RADIUS and found that their canine toothpaste for dogs is USDA organic, free of harmful ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, dye free, bpa free and made in the USA!! This canine toothpaste is rich in vitamins and amino acids, naturally tough on bacteria and plaque, safe enough to be used on puppies and seniors, and leaves their breath smelling minty fresh. Shop RADIUS Canine Toothpaste.



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