Best Vegan Food at Trader Joe’s (As Recommended by You!)

Hi friends!! I know that people love Trader Joe’s. And that there is great vegan food at Trader Joe’s too. But believe it or not, I almost never make it there because in the city there are other grocery stores much closer to my apartment.

But my sister lives near Trader Joe’s and recently asked for my suggestions for the best vegan items there…but I didn’t know any! So (my sister’s great idea) I posted on my Instagram stories asking for your recommendations for the best vegan food at Trader Joe’s. And I got so many responses! I compiled them into a list and shared it on Instagram. So many of you loved being able to have this list saved on your phone, so I’m adding it here permanently if anyone wants to refer back to it to screenshot and bring it with you the next time you go to Trader Joe’s.

After getting all your suggestions I made a special trip there to check out your recommendations. Everything I’ve tried from the list is great. The vegan caesar is my top favorite! Hope this makes your next grocery haul a little easier and a little more plant-based. xo



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