Palm Springs Guide 2022

In a very unexpected turn of events I’ve spent a collective three months in Palm Springs, California. (Who else’s life looks so different than it did pre-pandemic?!) Since Palm Springs is a popular travel destination, and now I’ve spent ample time there, here is my Palm Springs Guide for the best vegan eats, hikes and more.

1. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am actually obsessed with this place. It’s one of my favorite vegan restaurants ever. From their amazing sandwiches (made with housemade seitan) to their salads and soups and desserts, this casual spot is my go to when I’m in the desert. They have two locations, both with adorable shops in them. The Palm Springs location is definitely more for to-go meals and is located in an industrial area, but the Palm Desert location is right near El Paseo and has seating to dine inside or outside. My go-to order is the chupacabra chick’n sandwich (add crack cheese!!), the caesar salad and the anti-venom juice (a dark green juice made with nutrient rich chlorophyll). If you find yourself in the Palm Springs area, definitely visit Chef Tanya’s.

2. Kobe

While this teppanyaki restaurant might say steakhouse in the name, they are always so accommodating to make dishes vegan for me. I’ve been going to this place since I was a child and still love it to this day. By far the best teppanyaki food I’ve had. I always order the tofu + veggies (I specifically request the mushrooms, zucchini and onion). The meal comes with miso soup, rice (white or fried) and your entrĂ©e. To make it vegan ask for no butter and no egg, and they are more than happy to accommodate. My mouth is actually watering remembering my last meal there. Also pro tip, last time I was there I ordered the garlic + spicy fried rice and it was so good. Kobe is great for families with kids or adults.

3. The Venue Sushi

The Venue is my favorite sushi in the area, and they have plenty of vegan options. I love the vegetarian roll, avocado roll and baby arugula salad. Hard to explain how a simple arugula salad can be so good, but it really is. I get it every time. It’s a nice vibe there (I always make reservations to sit outside) and I always enjoy my meals and my time at The Venue.

4. True Serenity Spa

I visited True Serenity Spa for the first time this January for a facial. The space is gorgeous, the products are clean and cruelty-free and they use a lot of my favorite clean beauty brands like Osea. I loved that after my facial the owner offered me tea and had a whole tea bar set up to make my perfect tea drink after my treatment. Visit the True Serenity Spa website to see all the services they offer.

5. Indian Canyons

This is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve seen in my life. It’s a green oasis in the middle of the desert with incredible fan palm trees that blow me away every time I see them. The trails along the small stream are gorgeous and you never know what amazing trees or rock formations are around the next bend. You can also see big horn sheep here. I saw one there a few days ago! And one of the things that blows my mind the most is the quiet you hear when standing in the middle of the fan palm trees. It is the quietest, quiet I’ve ever experienced in my life. Makes me feel so connected to the Earth. Indian Canyons.

6. Whitewater Canyon Preserve

This trail is gorgeous and dog friendly! It’s one of my favorite hikes because Pani can join and it makes me so happy to see how much she enjoys it. The trail is relatively flat but there’s so much to see. The water in the stream here is crystal clear because it comes from melted mountain top snow. It’s so nice to feel the chill of the water on your hand after a long hike. And this is another great place to see big horn sheep. I saw a group of over 40 last time I was there. It’s incredible how they can balance on the sides of the mountain, and I swear I’ll never get over seeing it! Whitewater Canyon Preserve.

7. IW Coffee

IW Coffee is our usual coffee spot in the desert. The Indian Wells location is my preferred location. I’m partial to an iced matcha latte with oat milk, but I hear the coffee is pretty good too. And I’m always a fan of their vegan power breakfast bars and “cookies”. And so is Pani!

8. Daily Grill

Daily Grill to me is quintessential Palm Desert, because I always ate there as a kid when I would visit. It’s pretty much always busy. And while their menu only has a few vegan options (which are all labeled as such on the menu), it’s one of my favorite places to go with non-vegans because the angel hair pomodoro is always great and if you can snag a table outside it’s a great place for people watching. I’ve had this pasta dish more times than I can count, and am always happy to go back for more. Get a side of the grilled asparagus too! It’s vegan and so delicious. Daily Grill.

9. Wildest Restaurant + Bar

I also want to mention a restaurant called Wildest that has tons of plant based options! I sadly didn’t make it there this visit, but I’ve had takeout when I’ve been there in the past and everything was great. The buffalo cauliflower bites are my favorite. I hope to try more of the plant-based options next time I’m there!



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